Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stephen Starr Reportedly Thinking Rittenhouse Gastropub Again; Also There May Be A Potential Collaboration With New York's Ken Friedman In The Future

the breslin in new york city
Will a Starr Gastropub have a Friedman influence? | Photo via The Breslin

Yesterday Eater reported that Stephen Starr was having a meeting about doing a gastropub in Rittenhouse Square, something he has long been interested in doing.

Eater suggests that the location Starr is eying for said Rittenhouse gastropub is the corner of 18th and Sansom, i.e. one of the retail spaces inside 10 Rittenhouse.

While Serafina is taking one of the spaces inside the new building, maybe there's room for a second restaurant in the building's ground floor retail space?

Or maybe ARC Wheeler would dump Serafina if they strike a deal for a coveted Starr restaurant??

Or maybe, Starr is looking at another space somewhere nearby?

UPDATE: Apparently, it's the latter. Word is Starr is looking to lease the space on the northwest corner of 18th and Sansom, the space that was formerly Stiletto. So not in 10 Rittenhouse, but right across the street.

Eater also wonders if Stephen Starr would team up with New York restaurateur Ken Friedman (Spotted Pig, John Dory, The Breslin, etc.) for a gastropub project, something the two have been talking about for a while.

Friedman told Eater that they'll probably collaborate on something, but in New York not Philly.

UPDATE 2: It's on.

So there's that.

Meanwhile, Starr likes collaborations these days, so who knows.

Does Stephen Starr Want The Spotted Pig For Philly?
[ Eater New York ]

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