Sunday, April 04, 2010

Stephen Starr Reportedly Eying Two New Restaurants In University City: Pizza And Italian

stephen starr philadelphiaLately, Grub Street likes to say half seriously that "Stephen Starr [is] Opening Every Possible Type of Restaurant Everywhere, All the Time."

Well, it's starting to look like that is really the case.

Starr has a semi-ridiculous amount of restaurant projects in the works right now.

All of the following projects are currently at some stage of development:

1. El Rey (opening in April) at 20th and Chestnut.
2. El Rey's yet to be named back bar speakeasy.
3. Beer Garden in Fishtown targeting summer.
4. Pizza place next to Parc this spring.
5. Stella expansion next door.
6. Taking over the old Ansill space at 3rd and Bainbridge.
7. A hotel restaurant in Manhattan.

And now comes word of two more projects he wants to do in West Philadelphia.

The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with Starr regarding his use of the DiningIn restaurant delivery service, and they also asked him if he was working on bringing anything new to their neck of the woods.
Starr said he is considering opening an Italian restaurant in West Philadelphia. He also plans to open two pizza shops, one in West Philadelphia and the other in Rittenhouse Square.

The Starr pizza shop would be "a traditional take out and delivery" with "real thin" and "excellent" pizza, according to Starr.

"I think it's going to be slightly revolutionary for Philly," Starr said. "It's hard to find good pizza in Philly."
If you're looking for a little insight as to what Starr is thinking about as he works on all of these new projects, Plan Philly recently asked Starr why he wanted to create a beer-focused venue (with the Fishtown beer garden).

Starr's response: "I'm always looking for something new to do. I get bored with myself."

And how.

But god bless him.

Dining in, Starr style - will now deliver food from four more Stephen Starr restaurants [ Daily Pennsylvanian ]

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