Friday, January 15, 2010

Jose Garces Goes With Amada Chef de Cuisine MacGregor Mann For His Debut As Iron Chef

jose garces and chefs
Jose Garces and Chefs | Photo via GRG

This Sunday, Jose Garces makes his debut as Iron Chef on Iron Chef America on the Food Network. And for his first battle as Iron Chef, he selected Amada Chef de Cuisine MacGregor Mann to be his Sous Chef in Kitchen Stadium.

Previously, Chef Garces has worked with Chifa Chef de Cusine Chad Williams (both on the finale of The Next Iron Chef and when he took down Bobby Flay on Iron Chef in 08) and Distrito Chef de Cuisine Tim Spinner (in the finale of The Next Iron Chef).

So it appears that Chef Garces is making sure all of his Chefs de Cuisine get some solid Iron Chef / Kitchen Stadium experience. How nice of him to spread the love. And as a bonus: he'll have a squadron of battle-ready sous chefs at his disposal.

Windsor Township man an Iron Chefs' right-hand Mann [ York Daily Record ]

Teaser Video For Jose Garces' Debut Battle On Iron Chef America

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