Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Video: Michael Schulson Prepares Crispy Chicken Banh Mi On The Today Show

Exploding a little sriracha on Kathie Lee in the process.

Sampan [ Official Site ]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New York Post Declares Zahav To Be "The New Momofuku"

zahav in philadelphia from the new york times
Quite a declaration.

From the Post's article, "8 Culinary Adventures for 2010":

Michael Solomonov does for Israeli cooking what David Chang does for Asian cooking: He transforms traditional, not-so-exciting dishes, using one-of-a-kind creative flourishes and unlikely flavor combinations.
And in doing so, Solomonov’s restaurant Zahav creates food that simultaneously tastes familiar and unlike anything you’ve ever eaten.

A simply prepared salad with Israeli persimmon (sweet), Bulgarian feta (creamy), green olives (salty) and endive (bitter). Duck hearts with chicken-liver dirty rice. A spicy and tart Moroccan fish stew with tomatoes and peppers.

This is modern comfort food at its finest. At $36 for five courses, it’s a steal too. Solomonov recently opened a barbecue restaurant, with proper versions of Texas brisket and ribs. Yes, that's right: One Israeli restaurant, one pork-a-palooza. No rules, no limits? Works for us (237 Saint James Place, 215-625-8800).
Grub Street New York considers the analogy suspect. But not because Zahav isn't great.

8 Culinary Adventures for 2010 [ New York Post via Grub Street New York ]

Good Ideas: An Approval Matrix For Bars

approval matrix for barsFoobooz correctly identified the best part about the new Bar For The Course blog: its version of an approval matrix for bars (above).

We're not going to say we agree with every rating on the matrix, but the idea for the matrix itself is undeniably a good one. Because approval matrices are fun.

Bar For The Course [ Official Site via Phoodie ]
The Bar Graph [ Foobooz ]
The Approval Matrix: Week of February 1, 2010 - Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies. [ New York Magazine ]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sighted: Porkslap Beer At Pub And Kitchen

porkslap beer

Oh. Shit.

Stephen Starr To Jose Garces: I'll See Your Beer & Brats Concept And Raise You A Bona Fide German Bier Garten

standard hotel biergarten new york city
The Standard Biergarten in New York City, a potential source of inspiration for Starr | Photo via Zagat

No big deal.

Jose has plans for a beer and brats spot.

Stephen makes plans for a full-on beer garden.

Good times.

We're going to go ahead and surmise that Starr probably found his inspiration for this project at the Standard Hotel Biergarten, which opened this summer to immediate crowds in the Meatpacking District literally around the corner from his NYC Morimoto and Buddakan outposts.

Meanwhile, the last we hear, Garces still does not have a finalized lease for the Letto Deli location, at which he wants to do the aforementioned beer and brats. Hopefully, he can close on that soon.

Phoodie Exclusive: The Who And The What Of Stephen Starr's Fishtown Bier Garten [ Phoodie ]
The Standard Biergarten [ Official Site ]
Beer Gardening Under the High Line [ Urban Daddy ]

Is The Stephen Starr - Jose Garces Rivalry Escalating?

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Small Update On Garces Trading Company, Coming Soon To Washington Square West

garces trading company philadelphiaThe official line from GRG:
In early 2010, Chef Garces will debut his sixth Philadelphia venture, Garces Trading Company (1111 Locust Street, 215.574.1099), a gourmet market and cafe.

Open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., the multi-purpose space will feature a host of house-made and imported foods under the Garces Trading Company label.

Other features, including an on-site bakery and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB)'s first boutique wine shop, will further distinguish Garces Trading Company as the city's only all-in-one culinary destination.
So there's that.

Garces Restaurant Group [ Official Site ]

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jose Garces Goes With Amada Chef de Cuisine MacGregor Mann For His Debut As Iron Chef

jose garces and chefs
Jose Garces and Chefs | Photo via GRG

This Sunday, Jose Garces makes his debut as Iron Chef on Iron Chef America on the Food Network. And for his first battle as Iron Chef, he selected Amada Chef de Cuisine MacGregor Mann to be his Sous Chef in Kitchen Stadium.

Previously, Chef Garces has worked with Chifa Chef de Cusine Chad Williams (both on the finale of The Next Iron Chef and when he took down Bobby Flay on Iron Chef in 08) and Distrito Chef de Cuisine Tim Spinner (in the finale of The Next Iron Chef).

So it appears that Chef Garces is making sure all of his Chefs de Cuisine get some solid Iron Chef / Kitchen Stadium experience. How nice of him to spread the love. And as a bonus: he'll have a squadron of battle-ready sous chefs at his disposal.

Windsor Township man an Iron Chefs' right-hand Mann [ York Daily Record ]

Teaser Video For Jose Garces' Debut Battle On Iron Chef America

Monday, January 11, 2010

Game Changer: Stephen Starr To Do Pizza Take Out And Delivery In Rittenhouse

pizzeria stella pistachio pie
It's not delivery... | Photo via Pizzeria Stella

Michael Klein reports some new details of Stephen Starr's plans for bringing pizza to Rittenhouse Square, which Philly Mag first reported in October.

The location is the space that was formerly Potcheen on Locust near 18th, next to Parc.

It will mainly be a take out and delivery operation plus a few seats inside for dining in.

Name not yet determined.

Opening in March.

Boding well for its success — Craig Laban just gave Pizzeria Stella three bells.

Starr plans pizzeria next to Parc
[ The Insider - ]
Pizzeria Stella - Stephen Starr is doing just pizza and doing it right: Artisan slices, simple to decadent, consistently excellent and affordable. [ Philadelphia Inquirer ]
Breaking: Two New Pizza Joints for Starr? [ Philadelphia Magazine ]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jose Garces Moving Garces Restaurant Group World Headquarters From Old City To Cira Centre

cira centre philadelphia hdr
The soon-to-be new home of the Garces Restaurant Group | Photo via

Grub Street Philadelphia got a few details from Chef Garces about his plans for a restaurant at the Cira Centre, a lease for which he just signed.

Part of the deal: Garces Restaurant Group's corporate offices will be moving to the Cira Centre as well.

Well positioned for quick Amtrak trips to the NYC for location reconnaissance on that next Amada.

Cira Centre Restaurant a Go for Garces, Coffee Kiosk May Come Later
[ Grub Street Philadelphia ]

Looks Like Amada Is Headed To New York City

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Teaser Video For Jose Garces' Debut Battle On Iron Chef America

Iron Chef Garces makes his debut January 17th at 9 pm.

Iron Chef America [ Official Site ]

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Philadelphia's Roast Pork Sandwiches Get Some (Indirect) Love From The Washington Post

Nothing but good things to say about Roast Pork Sandwiches from Philadelphia (even if the article is primarily about a restaurant in DC that serves an especially inspired version...)
Most Americans think of the cheesesteak as Philly's signature sandwich. But there has been a slow realization around the country that the City of Brotherly Love also deserves praise for a sandwich that would never include Cheez Whiz.

The roast pork hoagie taps into Philadelphia's Italian American roots. From Italy comes the thinly sliced meat, the shards of aged provolone and the broccoli rabe. From America comes the super-sized portion and the everything-is-better-on-a-bun portability. The result transcends either place: It's a balance of meaty richness, sharp cheese and spicy, bitter greens that is greater than the sum of its parts.
And how.

Sandwiches: The other masterpiece from Philly [ Washington Post ]

Bobby Flay Burger Palace Coming To Penn In Spring 2010

bobby's burger palace
The rumors are true | Photos via

Bobby himself confirmed it over the Twitter-waves earlier today.

And Michael Klein got more details from the man over the phone.

Gee Whiz, Bobby Flay! [ The Insider ]
Bobby Flay Definitely Bringing His Burger Palace to Penn [ Grub Street Philadelphia ]