Friday, December 04, 2009

Will Allen Iverson's Return Mark A Return To Glory For The Houlihan's And TGI Friday's Of City Avenue?

NBC Philadelphia very astutely wonders if, now that Allen Iverson is coming back to Philadelphia, he will end up patronizing some of his favorite hangouts from the good old days.

Like the Houlihan's and TGI Friday's that reside across from each other on City Ave. at Presidential, two establishments which AI used to frequent multiple times a week earlier in his career.

To each his own. If Allen still loves his Friday's, we're not going to judge.

We just hope that he throws Center City a bone every now and again. Maybe a pop-in here and there...

It's been three years since he left and we're sure he would be very happy at a number of the new dining establishments that have opened since he left.

And Allen, the fans here would love to see you out and about. Here in town. Dining among the people.

UPDATE: That was quick.

Meanwhile, below is the latest evidence as to why Allen Iverson is probably the greatest individual we'll ever know.

Goddammit, Allen Iverson — you had at us at hello.

You had us at hello.

Is City Ave. Ready for Iverson's Return? [ NBC Philadelphia ]

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Drew said...

I talked to AI's favorite Friday's awhile back for this article and now forever associate him with appletinis.