Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tom Colicchio Wants To Open A Restaurant In Philadelphia And *GASP* Maybe Even Film Top Chef Here

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Roll the dice, Tom | Photo via Bravo

Tom Colicchio did a Top Chef season finale interview with The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

Philadelphia unexpectedly came up during the interview not once, but twice.

Q. Rumor has it that Stephen Starr is a guest diner on tonight’s show. When can we expect the empire to expand to Philadelphia?

A. I want to — plans were in the works but Stephen might have taken the space instead actually. Two great restaurants, Vetri and Osteria are there. They’re incredible. Development dollars are low right now so no immediate plans, but we’ll see for the future.
1) Awesome that Colicchio wants to bring one of his Craft restaurants to Philadelphia. 2) Meanwhile, what was the space here in Philadelphia that Starr grabbed before Tom could get his hands on it?

Then, two questions further into the interview, the real shocker:
Q. Have you thought about Top Chef international?

A. We go where the money is. I would love to do the show in London -– in a heartbeat. One of the producers is a Brit so I think he’d like that as well.

Q. Are there any cities right now that might experience a culinary revival, say in a couple years after they go through puberty?

A. I think DC and Philly are having a great moment. It would be great to film in both of those places.
Chicago presented such an excellent backdrop for the show because of the food culture.
What the WHAT?!

Tom Colicchio just said it'd be great to film Top Chef in Philadelphia — that is a huge endorsement.

Sure Philadelphia could be a great host city, but it's rare for someone from outside the city (let alone Tom Colicchio) to recognize as much and give Philadelphia such a glowing endorsement in the The Wall Street Journal.

And considering the strength of said endorsement, along with his connections to Top Chef, and the fact that Season 7 of the show, to begin filming in early 2010, is still looking for a host city, the question now becomes whether Philadelphia is going to do anything with the endorsement? Like take the hint and start to court the shit out of Top Chef's producers.

Because it appears that Washington DC is already aggressively pursuing Bravo, seeking to bring the show to DC.

And we don't blame them.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure Comcast could persuade Bravo to film Top Chef in Philly once their acquisition of NBC Universal goes through.