Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jen Carroll Is Extremely Happy At 10 Arts And Does Not Plan On Leaving Anytime Soon

Jennifer Carroll has given several exit interviews since departing Top Chef in Part 1 of the Season Finale on Wednesday, including a good one on Grub Street.

However, it was her exit interview with TV Guide in which she revealed that a) she felt strongly about winning the competition to represent not just herself and her restaurant, but also Philadelphia, and b) she's extremely happy at 10 Arts doing what she's doing and it won't be easy to lure her away. Why do you think you got so emotional at the end?

Jen: Throughout the whole season, I've been pretty hard on myself. When I do one thing wrong, it's a monster mistake to me because I like to things to be perfect. But I got emotional because I was disappointed in myself and wanted to go further. I wanted to represent Philadelphia, myself, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Eric Ripert in the final episode. I wanted to win, so it was a disappointment. I never thought the experience was going to be as emotional as it was, and I cried the whole season. [Laughs] When people left, I was so upset because I became so close to them. I had seen other people crying on the show [in past seasons] and was like, "They've only known each other two weeks, how are they that good of friends?" But it's truly a bonding experience. Do you have any regrets?

Jen: I regret the little mistakes, but I don't regret being on the show. It's been great for the restaurant and the hotel and Philly as a whole. I'm still Chef de Cuisine [at] 10 Arts by Eric Ripert, which is in the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. Right now we're just living in the afterlife of Top Chef. [Laughs] I have no plans on moving anywhere or doing anything different. I'm extremely happy where I am. Eric is so proud of me and all of my bosses have been such an amazing support throughout the season.
Love to see the hometown pride.

Well done, Jennifer. Please do stay awhile.

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