Monday, November 02, 2009

New Restaurant At 10 Rittenhouse To Be Located At Corner Of 18th And Sansom

10 rittenhouse under construction philadelphia
10 Rittenhouse is to have a "premier restaurant" located on at this corner | Photo by Brad Maule of Philly Skyline

10 Rittenhouse, the new $300M, 135-unit luxury condo building rising 33 stories over Rittenhouse Square, is holding a grand opening later this month.

Work is not entirely finished, but it will be ready for residents soon.

One of the pieces not completed... the restaurant that will be located inside the building.

Developers are being tight-lipped about what the restaurant will be and who's behind it, only saying that there will be a "premier restaurant" with "first class dining" located inside the building.

We've confirmed that said restaurant will be located at street level at the corner of 18th and Sansom Streets.

So we have to ask: could Stephen Starr be bringing pizza back to a location that once housed Lombardi's???

Starr recently told Philly Mag that he "has secured a lease on yet-to-be-announced location in Rittenhouse Square" for another casual pizzeria a la Pizzeria Stella.

So, in theory, this could be that yet-to-be-announced location.

Which makes for a nice story, however, the developers of 10 Rittenhouse are positioning the building as super luxury, so it would be pretty surprising for them to go with a pizzeria for the building's "premier restaurant," even if it is a Stephen Starr pizzeria.

So the question remains: what will the restaurant inside 10 Rittenhouse be?

UPDATE: Michael Klein reports it might be Serafina from New York City.

10 Rittenhouse [ Official Site ]
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Aaron Stella from CITYSPACE said...

I work for a real estate company called CITYSPACE. I've actually been up in the hoist to some of the top floors of 10 Rittenhouse. I was taking photographs and doing videos for CITYSPACE's new construction web site. Here's a like to the page about 10 Ritt:
I'm curious to see what restaurant goes in there as well. From what one of the developers told me, buyers will have the option to purchase the full floor of some of the top levels of the building. It will be interesting to see what the building does for the area.

Andrew said...

Oh - hopefully a steakhouse, cause the 20+ steakhouses we already have surely can't be enough. :-(