Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mystery Location Of Paddy's Pub In It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Finally Revealed

paddy's pub in it's always sunny in philadelphia
Where in Philadelphia is Paddy's Pub supposed to be located?

The intended location of Paddy's Pub has never really been revealed on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

The show has established that the bar is in South Philadelphia but it has never specified where in South Philadelphia.

There was this clue from an episode from Season One.
Dennis: I don't get it, Dee: There are tons of women in this city; where do they go?
Dee: They're at velvet-rope clubs on Delaware Avenue.
Dennis: Why?
Dee: Dennis, our bar is in South Philly in a scary alley ... might as well call it "Rape Bar."
So Paddy's is located on a scary alley in South Philly.

But what alley? And where?

Well, earlier this season, there was finally a hint in the show that allowed us to pinpoint the theoretical location of Paddy's Pub.

(It's theoretical because the building exterior that is used for Paddy's is actually located in Los Angeles. Paddy's Pub as depicted on the television show does not actually exist in Philadelphia. However, it exists in the show's reality, and now we know where...)

When Dennis and Mac were walking back around the corner to the bar (clip below), you can see a street sign.

The street on the street sign? Dickinson Street?

The block? The 200 block to the left. The 300 block to the right.

So Paddy's is located just north of and around the corner from 3rd and Dickinson.

always sunny in philadelphia paddy's pub
The fictional Paddy's Pub is located around the corner from 3rd and Dickinson

Which makes sense since Rob McElhenney actually grew up in Pennsport right there at the intersection of Dickinson and Moyemensing. (Not far from the Shamrock Pub at 2nd and Reed, which may have helped originally inspire the Paddy's Pub in the show.)

So in the show's reality, Paddy's Pub is located in South Philadelphia right around the corner from 3rd and Dickinson Streets.

But not in real life — in real life, the building that doubles as Paddy's is located in LA.

Please rest easy now that this great mystery has been solved.

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Anonymous said...

I had heard that Rob McElhenney used to work or hang out at Patty's Pub in Old City. Don't know if that's true or not.

Unknown said...

Yep, I can confirm that Paddy's Pub in Old City would be the correct one.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the exterior of that building in a commercial and on another T.V. show but the store front of Paddy's has no identifying marks.