Sunday, November 22, 2009

Looks Like Amada Is Headed To New York City

amada restaurant in Philadelphia
Jose Garces to open an Amada in New York City? | Photo via


So last month, Jose Garces revealed to the New York Post that he'd open a restaurant in New York City if he won The Next Iron Chef.

And then a few weeks later he revealed to Grub Street that if that scenario were to happen, the restaurant he'd open in Manhattan would be an Amada.

Well, tonight is the season finale of The Next Iron Chef and not only is Jose Garces a heavy favorite to win, all signs (and rumors) point to him winning.

So if/when he does win the title of The Next Iron Chef tonight, is that a formal confirmation that he'll be taking the Amada concept to New York in 2010?

Pretty much.

UPDATE: Michael Klein reports that after the win, Chef Garces said taking Amada to New York is off the table. At least for now. Regardless, congratulations to Iron Chef Garces on the win!

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Jose Garces To New York?

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