Monday, November 30, 2009

"Hard-Eating" Buzz Bissinger Helps Rick Nichols Evaluate The Texas-Style BBQ At Percy Street Barbecue

Buzz Bissinger makes an unnamed cameo in Rick Nichol's latest write-up:
But I digress: The brisket verdict of a Philadelphia writer who spent a year in Odessa chronicling football under the Friday-night lights? An A, with an asterisk: The meat may seem a tad wet for a true Texan.

The brat-like sausages, house-made and hung like stockings in the big cherry-red smokers (fed with split red oak) had deep smoky flavor: another A from the hard-eating author.
But of course everything (as it tends to be in the barbecue world) is under the microscope here. "How come two different burnt ends tasted different?" an early bird groused. "Hey, why no peach cobbler?" implored another. "What, no combo platter?" (like you get at the Salt Lick), queried Mr. Friday Night.
Percy Street got two A's from Mr. Bissinger Friday Night.

Texas BBQ, come to Philadelphia - It's not vinegary, not sweet, not blackened, familiar styles in these parts. It's smoked. [ Philadelphia Inquirer ]

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