Monday, October 05, 2009

Square Burger Embraces Fall, Adds New Flavors On October 10th Including A Pumpkin Shake And Candied Apples

Just because putt putt and the carousel at Franklin Square are closed now during the week doesn't mean Stephen Starr is going to throw in the towel at Square Burger.

In fact, Square Burger will remain open for lunch Monday through Friday despite these other Franklin Square attractions being closed. An encouraging move, for sure.

Moreover, they're introducing new fall flavors this month, beginning October 10, including a Pumpkin Shake made with pumpkin ice cream ($4.25), homemade candied apples ($2); Pumpkin Ice Cream Sundae with warm apples, toasted walnuts, caramel sauce and whipped cream ($4.25); and Hot White Chocolate or coffee ($2)

Square Burger's October hours are: Monday – Friday, 11 am – 2 pm; Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am – 7 pm.

Square Burger, Fall Edition: now with shorter lines.

Franklin Square [ Official Site ]

[ Photo via Unbreaded ]

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