Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pub & Kitchen Makes A (Brief) Cameo In Most Recent Episode Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Pretty sure that is a CGI Big Belly trash can that was added during post-production


In the most recent episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia — "The Gang Wrestles for the Troops," which aired on Thursday — Pub & Kitchen makes a cameo.

They show an exterior shot of the bar/restaurant on the corner of 20th and Lombard (still, above) and then do a scene where Artemis meets Sweet Dee inside. However, the interior scenes were not actually shot at Pub & Kitchen.

So it's actually a very short cameo.

But regardless, good location choice by production team.

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Arthur said...

That Big Belly trash compactor is no CGI. When they first put those trash cans in it was installed right there but P&K was able to get it moved as the smell was a bit much for sidewalk diners.

Note, the trash can is wrapped in shrinkwrap to try and reduce the smell.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the neighborhood calls the place Pigbunny because of the "thing" that's painted on the side of the building facing Lombard St!