Friday, October 09, 2009

Jennifer Carroll And Jennifer Zavala Do A Double Interview, Reveal Their Favorite Places In Philadelphia To Eat

jennifer carroll top chefAround Philly just posted an interview with the two Philly Top Chef 'Cheftestants': Jennifer Carroll and Jennifer Zavala.

Among other things, they were each asked about their favorite places in Philly to eat.

Zavala shows off some street cred, naming both Porky's Point and the Taco Loco truck at Jefferson Square Park among her faves. (Propers.) She also dropped Paesano's, Sang Kee, El Camino Real, Vetri, Osteria, Zahav, Mémé, Amada and Distrito.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Carroll name checks the usual suspects: Zahav, Vetri, Mémé and "all of Jose's places." Oh, wow — look at that — she's on a first name basis with Jose Garces. No big deal.

We kid. Anyway, is it just us or do Vetri and Garces have a stranglehold on restaurants Philly chefs love to love?

And apparently David Katz is already a "chef to watch" here, getting votes of confidence from both Zavala and Carroll.

jennifer zavala top chefRe Top Chef, Zavala had a few choice soundbites:
Product placement for advertisers was a scripted addition and huge annoyance to Zavala. "'I'm going to use my GladWare® when I put away my mis-en-place.' Do I say that s*#! when I'm cooking everyday? No I don't." And the after-show interviews to pry out drama about women in the kitchen made no sense on a cooking show, says Zavala. "For me, it was a distraction from the competition. I don't care about drama, who's kissing, who's making out, GladWare®, cars. I don't care about that stuff. Let's focus on what we're here for."
All business.

As for the actual cooking challenges:
But for all her complaints, Zavala confirms that the cooking aspect of the show is far from fake. "The challenges, the situations, those are real," she says.

"27 seconds to shop for a five course meal at Whole Foods? That's absolutely real. Standing in front of the judges table and whatever, that's all real. Worrying that you're completely humiliating yourself on national television is real," she laughs.
Also, Zavala had this to say about what she'd have for her last meal:
"I would have fried chicken, that’s what I would have… like fried chicken, potato salad, corn, and homemade muffins or cornbread."
Talk about a girl after our own heart.

Philly's Top Chefs (Almost) Uncensored [ Around Philly ]

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