Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fox 5 New York Nominates Stephen Starr As One Of Philadelphia's 10 Biggest Jerks, Projecting New York's Own Dining Insecurites On Philadelphia

stephen starr philadelphiaFox 5 New York tries to call Stephen Starr one of Philadelphia's 10 biggest jerks and we're not buying it.
MYFOXNY.COM - Our "friends" to the south decided to ask people to vote for the biggest New York City Jerk.

We decided to return the favor. Philly is just a small town next to New York but it does have its share of "jerks."
Stephen Starr: The restaurant owner has made millions off selling "hip" drinks and under-sized portions to suckers in a series of Philadelphia hot-spots.
Whoa, now. We're the suckers?! Check yourself, Fox 5 New York.

A.) Your mom sells us hip drinks.

And B.) Stephen Starr's two highest grossing restaurants anywhere are in New York City, where Buddakan and Morimoto are numbers 7 and 53 respectively in the top 100 highest-grossing independent restaurants in the country.


If anyone is guilty of "selling 'hip' drinks and under-sized portions," it's every single trendy restaurant in New York City between 1998 and 2009.

You can thank Sex and the City for that.

(Also, for the record, Starr does good business precisely because his portions are not undersized.)

As for the poll, Starr is not "winning" the race for the Biggest Jerk. That would be Jon Gosselin. Starr is holding down second to last place.

So at least he can be happy about that.

10 Biggest Philadelphia Jerks [ Fox 5 New York ]

Stephen Starr's New York Buddakan And Morimoto Doing Just Fine


Anonymous said...

New York is a city for tourists, run by tourists. I bet the person who wrote that is from Minnesota or Ohio, but not Manhattan. People who call a major metropolitan city "small" usually have a good idea what small is. I will take someone from Philly over a "New Yorker" any day.

Diana Elizabeth said...

Haha... I hate NY.