Thursday, October 08, 2009

Emeril Likes Philly Street Food, To Open A Burger Concept At PA Sands Casino In Bethelem

emerilEmeril Lagasse will open his first burger restaurant anywhere at the Pennsylvania Sands Casino in Bethelem on November 22nd.

The restaurant will be called Burgers & More.

It will be a full-service restaurant, featuring gourmet burgers made from a variety of types of meat.

If successful, it could prove to be a prototype for future Emeril endeavors.

(Emeril currently has 11 restaurants across the country, including one already at the PA Sands, Emeril's Chophouse.)

Meanwhile, Emeril only had nice things to say about Philadelphia to the Daily News:
Although Lagasse professed a deep and abiding love for the city and its cuisine, he said he doesn't foresee opening an eatery in Philly any time soon. But that won't keep him from returning as often as possible to sample its delicacies.

"The Italian places are great," he enthused, "and I like the street food Philly has to offer - and not just the cheesesteaks."
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