Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Village Whiskey Shifts Menu More Mainsteam, Regrettably Ceding To Rittenhouse Blandness

village whiskey bar philadelphiaThe opening menu at Village Whiskey was pretty much a thing of beauty.

But not even a month into it, they've already yanked a few items that have proven to be less popular than hoped.

And that's a shame.

Gone is the amazing Smoked Hot Link, which came with house-made Texas toast, baked beans and cole slaw.

In its stead, is a pulled pork barbecue sandwich — or a "Sammy" — which, while popular and on menus everywhere, is no substitute for something that's both delicious AND original.

Also KO'd from the opening menu — the very tasty Spicy Clam Strips. They've been replaced with Popcorn Shrimp of all things.


But overall, Village Whiskey is still fucking fantastic. They just need to be careful about caving in so easily.

Village Whiskey [ Official Site ]

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