Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama To Visit Philly On Tuesday, But Will He Stay For Dinner?

President Obama created a bit of a stir today when he and former President Clinton had lunch at Il Mulino in Manhattan's West Village (at right).

Meanwhile, President Obama will be attending a fundraiser for Arlen Specter in Philadelphia on Tuesday to be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center at 4 p.m.

Which, in theory, could mean he'd be finished in time to enjoy an early dinner here in Philadelphia. And that would obviously be a godsend for the lucky establishment that would get to host him.

So even though Obama is incredibly busy and the likelihood of him actually stopping for dinner in Philadelphia is probably very small, we're hoping he eats out. Or at the very least, grabs a snack for the road before getting back on Air Force One.

Three quick sit-down candidates:

- 10 Arts: Presidential setting and a Top Chef slayer in the kitchen.

- Butcher & Singer: Obama could indulge in a recession-friendly $18 24 oz. rib eye.

- Osteria: Yes, Obama ate Italian on Monday. But Osteria is great. And they have pizza. Plus it's not participating in Restaurant Week.

In the case that the President does not have time for a sit-down dinner in Philadelphia after the reception, we hope he makes a pit-stop somewhere in town for some delicious road food to bring with him on the plane.

And if he leaves the fundraiser after 5 p.m., many of the merchants in the Reading Terminal Market (conveniently located right next to the Convention Center) will be closed. So he'll have to go elsewhere.

Three quick road food candidates:

- Square Burger: Obama appreciates good burgers. Not only does Square Burger makes a fine burger and a delicious milkshake, it's across from the National Constitutional Center and on the way to I-95.

- Tony Luke's: It's a classic and not that far out of the way. Obama should opt for the Roast Pork Italian over the cheesesteak.

- Paesano's: Worth the detour. However, the President's aides will want to call ahead to ensure Paesano's doesn't run out of ingredients.

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Arthur said...

If he sticks around for dinner he has to support a Chicago boy. Jose Garces is where it's at. Amada or maybe tequila shooters at Distrito.

Ben said...

If he stays, my guess is the Saloon. That's where Biden always goes when he's here.