Thursday, September 24, 2009

Matthew Levin Lands Massive New Mobile Smoker For Rubb; Will He Use It To Unleash The Barbecue Beyond Manayunk?

rubb bbq mobile smoker philadelphia
Rubb BBQ's new mobile smoker at the Linc last Sunday | Photo via Rubb

We certainly hope so.

Last week, in a stroke of unadulterated genius, Chef Matthew Levin got a giant mobile barbecue smoker delivered from Missouri.

The smoker, in theory, will allow him to get Rubb barbecue in the hands of more people than just those that will visit the Rubb storefront on Main Street in Manayunk when it opens in a few weeks.

So far, he's using the mobile smoker at Eagles home games for massive tailgate sessions. For example, home game #1 this past Sunday vs. the Saints: 30 lbs of ribs and 30 lbs of brisket, plus pork belly for good measure. Free samples were given out to passers-by and fellow tailgaters.

And he's doing it again this Sunday (in Lot K) for the Eagles game against the Kansas City Chiefs — how fitting.

Might be worth a trip even if you don't have tickets to the game.

Meanwhile, our hope is that the smoker finds its way into Center City during the work week. Using it for tailgates and other special events is awesome. But imagine if it also set up shop a few days a week in Center City, feeding the hungry, twitter-addicted masses.

Surely, there's room for a new barbecue food truck in town.

Case in point: look what happened when the new Picnick Smoked barbecue truck opened up in the Financial District in New York in August. It was mobbed. Instantly.

Which is probably a good thing.

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