Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Freddie Mitchell Can't Catch A Break, Loses Barbecue Restaurant In Florida

freddie mitchell in brothers' bar-b-q in lakeland
Freddie Mitchell at Brothers' Bar-B-Q in Lakeland, FL | Image via

A judge in Florida just ruled that The People's Champ had to turn over the keys to the barbecue restaurant in Lakeland, FL for which he had signed a lease-to-purchase agreement in 2008.

The restaurant, Brother's Bar-B-Q, was a Lakeland landmark, one that Mitchell had patronized since he was a kid. Mitchell bought the restaurant after moving back to Lakeland in 2008 with hopes of giving back to the community and sponsoring youth athletic teams, in addition to making delicious barbecue.

freddie mitchell at brothers bbq in lakeland fl
Freddie Mitchell on the roof of Brothers' Bar-B-Q in 2008 | Image via

Unfortunately, like so often in the restaurant business, it did not work out.

We wish Fred-Ex well with whatever is next.

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