Friday, August 14, 2009

Will Stephen Starr's Pizza Restaurant Have White Clam Pies?

clam pizza at frank pepe's in New have
One variation of the clam pizza at Frank Pepe's in New Haven | Photo by Robyn Lee

The clam pie, originally brought to prominence by Frank Pepe's in New Haven, CT, would be a treat if it ends up on the menu of Stephen Starr's yet-to-be-named pizza restaurant, which is scheduled to open in the fall.

Back in May, when Starr first talked about the venture to KYW's Hadas Kuznits, he specifically referenced doing pizza research in New Haven, CT. And when asked what he likes on his pizza, his response was spinach and a little tomato. He then added, "but I had something in New Haven that was awesome [and] that was clam pizza. So it's like clams on top of the pizza, it's very New England, and it was amazing. We're going to do that. People are going to love it."

In June, however, when he went on a follow-up pizza eating research trip with his team as well as Rick Nichols along for the ride, they ate a clam pizza at Frank Pepe's in New Haven and another clam pizza later in the day at Franny's in Brooklyn.

And there in New Haven, Starr seemed to back track a little bit offering this critique of the original clam pie at Frank Pepe's:
The famed clam pie at Frank Pepe's, the New Haven landmark? The tender fresh-shucked clams: Thumbs up. The crust: Mixed reactions. Compatibility: "I don't think this would go over too big in Philadelphia," Starr said. "It's too salty."
So what's it going to be? Will there be clam pizza on the menu or won't there be?

Our money is on YES, there will be.

Mostly, because we've had it and clam pizza is definitely delicious.

Starr probably just wants to make sure they do their own variation of it, tweaking it somewhat to be more popular with Philadelphia palates.

Which should be ok too.

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Greg Heller said...

Stephen Starr needs to go to Modern Apizza in New Haven. They have the best clam pizza of all!