Friday, August 28, 2009

The Whiskey King Burger At Jose Garces' Village Whiskey Clocks In At An Astronomical $24, Must Taste Like Eating Heaven

That's not a typo.


For a Burger.

In Philadelphia.

Apparently, Garces is super confident in his appeal these days.

Now, granted, there is somewhat of a burger craze going on right now, so it's only natural to want to cash in on it. Smart even.

And after seeing the preview last month on Grub Street Philadelphia, we were clearly expecting a pretty expensive burger.

But, like, 16 to 18 dollars expensive.

Not 24 dollars expensive.

Putting out a burger this expensive seems like it could be a gross miscalculation on the part of Team Garces. Are they really going to sell that many $24 burgers?

Regardless, it's a bold move.

The most expensive burgers in Philadelphia are located right on Rittenhouse Square: Rouge Burger at $16, Bar 210 Burger at $16 and the Barclay Prime Pub Burger at $19.

Rouge can charge that because their location affords them a ton of business. Lacroix because they're in Philadelphia's most elite hotel. And Barclay Prime because they just don't give a shit.

Meanwhile, Village Whiskey doesn't have that cushy of a location. And the price tag of its burger blows those three out of the water.

Which must mean the Whiskey King Burger is made out some ultra-secret, super-exclusive proprietary blend of a rare angelic Japanese-Australian Wagyu hybrid, with dry aged ribeye and prime brisket... that is then treated with a mixture of whale skin oil, children's tears and pure heroin, right?

Evidently not.

It's made of sustainable farm-raised Angus from Maine.

And it's topped with foie gras, maple bourbon glazed cipollini, blue cheese and applewood bacon.

So, basically, the foie gras is the culprit here.

However, don't fear. In addition to the $24 Whiskey King Burger, there will be another, less expensive burger on the menu: the Village Burger, which is slightly smaller (8 oz.) and will cost $9. Add $3 if you want cheese and $2 for bacon. And $.50 for a fried egg.

Meanwhile, for comparison, check out how the super-indulgent and extremely pampered Black Label Burger is prepared at Minetta Tavern in Manhattan. It retails for $26.

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K Schwa said...

I don't know my demographics, but I would have thought the same people who would give a shit about sustainable farming would be the same people who would be against Foie Gras.

Alec patterson said...

Really the Burger is too expensive ,even if the shop is not located in a prime location.Somebody must be thinking it is made of pricey ingredients but its not that.As per the article all blame goes to foie grass.But not to get demoralised still there are some burgers which will very much suit to a common man's pocket.However some
Cuban Cigars along with the pricey burger will make the lunch or dinner more delicious.