Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twenty Manning's Awning Spray Misters Make Its Outdoor Seating Immune To Temperatures of 90-Plus Degrees

twenty manning philadelphiaWhen the real feel gets above 100 degrees, most people are not trying to brave the heat and sit outside a restaurant for dinner, be it on the sidewalk, back patio or whatever.

Unless, we're talking about Twenty Manning, where water misters installed in the awnings above the sidewalk seating spray pretty much continuously, cooling off diners sitting outside with a refreshing and non-drenching aqua mist.

It works too — a spot-check last night at 7 pm had zero people sitting outside Snackbar (while there were people inside taking advantage of the new happy hour) compared to four sizable parties dining outside Twenty Manning, taking full advantage of the misting technology.

Even if you're just passing by, the misters, which Twenty Manning installed last year, are refreshing.

We applaud the innovation.


miss bee said...

stuff like this is ALL over arizona. though, i do suppose they need it more often through the year...

Holly H. said...

Ha, just like the misters at Great Adventure make waiting in line for 3 hours among hordes of children almost tolerable. The main difference being the delicious food at Twenty Manning. I still may have to opt to eat cheeze its sitting startlingly close to my AC vent like I did last night.

Brian said...

Finally, a trend that Texas isn't behind in. The Mister/Fan technology has been around for years down here. Welcome to the future! LOL