Monday, August 24, 2009

Stephen Starr Still Fears Frank Bruni And The Sleepless Nights He Caused

stephen starr on nightlineLast Week, Nightline aired a piece about Frank Bruni ending his tenure as restaurant critic at The New York Times.

For perspective, ABC News included interviews with some chefs and restaurateurs, Stephen Starr among them.

Two quotes from Starr made it into the story.

- "I think Frank Bruni is the smartest, handsomest, most wonderful human being in the world. I have to say that. I am still afraid he's going to come get me."

- "I remember when we were getting reviewed Tuesday night, I couldn't sleep."

Guess that's why Starr is alleged to have employed spotters with walkie-talkies to surround his NYC restaurants to spot the guy.

'Born Round': Food Critic Recalls Weight Struggle - Feared NY Times Critic Frank Bruni Shares His Own Lifelong Fear: Food [ Nightline ]

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