Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stephen Starr Is Considering Doing Food Trucks In Philadelphia

A food truck in Manhattan | Photo via The New York Times

Michael Klein has a story in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer about more restaurants going for a more casual feel in order to attract customers during the recession.

One of the examples Klein cites in the article is Stephen Starr's forthcoming pizza project.

Klein then relates that Starr is also "contemplating a line of upscale food trucks to traverse the city."

Not just a food truck. But a line of food trucks. Upscale food trucks.

It was probably only a matter of time.

Obviously, Starr is aware that food trucks are all the rage these days, in New York City and elsewhere. (Even David Chang is rumored to be working on a Momofuku food truck.)

Meanwhile, Philadelphia easily has room for a few good new trucks. And Starr has the resources that a lot of other wannabe-food-truckers do not.

So why the hell not?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting I'm just browsing through here but was thinking yesterday how it would be nice to have some nicer food trucks outside that doesn't just sell the typical. Hopefully this will happen