Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stephen Starr Courts Team Lucali, Is Rebuffed

Speaking to our earlier question about who Stephen Starr would get to helm the kitchen at Stella Pizza, apparently he's a big enough fan of the product at Lucali in Brooklyn that he allegedly wanted to get Lucali pizzaiolo Mark Iacon to consult for the kitchen at Stella.

Or so goes the implication on Eater.

Apparently, Starr went back to Lucali recently and, after taking down a lot of pizzas, left several SRO gift cards for Iacon and Co. in order to a) show his appreciation for the fine work being done or b) solicit Iacon's assistance.

The motive is not exactly clear.

What is clear — Team Starr likes Lucali, as they did immediately upon visiting back in June.

Stephen Starr Wants His Own Lucali in Philly [ Eater ] via Foobooz

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[ Photo via The New York Times ]

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