Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sexy Alert: Zavino Pizzeria Coming To Midtown Village's Nexus This Fall

zavino pizzeria in philadelphia rendering
A rendering of Zavino, coming to 13th and Sansom

13th Street is the balls. Apothecary. Capogiro. Lolita. El Vez. Vintage. Bindi. Raw. Grocery. Time. Zio's. McGillin's. Etc. (Not to mention forthcoming activity including Sampan, Bar, and the next Turney-Saffran venture...)

The best location of the bunch, however, may be the storefront that Chef Steve Gonzalez just nabbed for Zavino Wine Bar Pizzeria.

Right on the northwest corner of 13th and Sansom, Zavino is going to boast prime street frontage on its south side (seen above in the rendering). Taking into account foot traffic, the location is easily a 9.5. (Obviously, a great find by Audrey Claire, although not sure why they passed.)

Ok, so the location is great. What about the food? Will it, and more specifically, will the pizza deliver?

Steve Gonzalez has previously worked under Marc Vetri, so he may have picked up a thing or two from the pizzas at Osteria.

Four pizzas that Zavino will be doing were teased in a press release:

- Artichoke, with thinly sliced artichokes, Swiss chard and pecorino Romano cheese
- Rosa, with tomato sauce and roasted garlic
- Margherita, with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella, topped with fresh basil;
- Polpettini, tomato sauce and provolone cheese with veal mini-meatballs.

The pizzas will cost between $5 to $12, so we're guessing the pies are going to be smaller, somewhere around 12 inches.

Gonzalez describes the thickness of the crusts as being between Neapolitan and Sicilian, crunchy, tender and "exactly right."

He's bringing in a specialty wood-burning oven that can cook the pizzas at temperatures of up to 900 degrees.

Zavino is targeting an October opening.

It looks like it will be a very solid addition to the neighborhood.

Zavino [ Official Site ]

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