Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Predicting The Spectacular Restaurants Philly Live Will Bring To South Philadelphia

Our fingers are crossed for a Sizzler and/or a Ground Round...

In no particular order:

1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Bahama Breeze
3. P.F. Chang's
4. Hard Rock Cafe
5. Señor Frog's

There might be a Kildare's or a Chickie's & Pete's thrown in for some local flavor.

And the long shot, of course, being a Stephen Starr restaurant.

He'll no doubt be courted, however, from the look of things, Philly Live might skew a little too chintzy for big top Steve-O.

Meanwhile, what has Cordish, the developers, done with restaurants previously?
Entertainment Concepts Investors, Inc. ("ECI"), the restaurant and club division of the Cordish Company, designs, builds, owns, and operates restaurant, lounge, and live entertainment concepts throughout the United States. ECI operates a variety of concepts in approximately thirty markets across the United States, often placing them together in synergistic entertainment districts.

ECI has licensed several leading national and international brands in this expansion including Hard Rock and Hard Rock Live and in 2006 opened the premier NASCAR Sports Grille at Universal City Walk in Orlando, Florida.
Hot. Damn.

Nascar is the tits.

Now pardon us for being a little critical of the proposed development, but where are the mixed use buildings? Where are the residences?

CBP should be surrounded by mid-rise mixed-use developments, not acres of parking lots.

E.g. not Philadelphia:

vs. Philadelphia:

philly live aerial
At least there will still be plenty of parking...

It's called transit-oriented development. And there's a little thing called the Broad Street Subway that operates right at your feet.

Get your shit together, already.

A glitzy game plan for developing Spectrum site
[ Philadelphia Inquirer ]
The Cordish Companies [ Official Site ]


awgrbr said...

I was really impressed with Kobe, Japan's stadium village.
- They have a massive sports complex on a subway line just like us!(you must park at one of the nearby subway stops, no parking adjacent to the stadium, not like us)

Key difference: they are connected with a massive public park with food vendors outside the stadium and bars and places to sit outside.

Check it out:

Its a really good plan and works super well. They actually plan sporting events to coincide with each other so the park gets full of all kinds of fans. A good alternative to the urban - surrounded by skyscrapers - plan; which South Philly may not be ready for.

mercurino said...

but if the build mixed-level buildings, then residents will be able to watch games from their apartments...

Andrew said...


Kelly said...

If Cordish is involved, my sympathies to all of Philly. They will take your fine city for all it's worth, so watch out.