Thursday, August 06, 2009

Philly Car Share Fallout — PCS Drops 35,000 Members In The Wake Of New Monthly Fees

Back when news of Philly Car Share’s new pricing came out in April, we predicted that they could lose as many as half of their 50,000 members.

It turns out, that estimate was a little too conservative. Philadelphia Magazine is reporting that PCS actually dropped some 35,000 members since the initiation of the monthly fees began in May.

So that's a lot.

But they’re still 15,000 strong. (Ourselves included, having made a glorious Wegmans run just this week.)

Keep your chin up, Philly Car Share. You're still dead sexy.

Business: Baby, You Can Drive My Car. Please. [ Philadelphia Magazine ]

Philly Car Share Shits Bed, Eliminates Free Membership Plans

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Anonymous said...

I closed my account with Philly Car Share today. Horrible experience - dead car, late for an important meeting, lousy follow up by customer service, hit me with an extra fee rather than try to save me as as customer. I'm done and will warn as many others as possible.