Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phillies Lead Majors In Attendence As A Percentage Of Capacity And Boast 20 Straight Sellouts, Fan-On-Fan Murder Notwithstanding

The Phillies season attendance is currently at 102% of total stadium capacity, which leads Major League Baseball.

Through 61 home games, they have a total attendance of more than 2.7 million and an average attendance of 44,290 per game. (Capacity of Citizens Bank Park is 43,647.)

They've sold out 53 games, including a current streak of 20 straight.

So, apparently, a fan-on-fan murder has done little to deter the faithful.

(Nor, apparently, has it deterred the sale of the most tasteless Phillies t-shirt of all time.)

But in light of all this extra capacity, maybe the Phillies could take some of the resulting extra revenue they're earning and spend it on some extra security, both inside and outside the ballpark, in an increased effort to prevent drunken idiot fuckheads from continuing to threaten the safety of others.

Major League Baseball Attendance Report 2009 [ ESPN ] via Bats Blog
Editorial - Ugliness at Citizens Bank: After death, Phils have to crack down fast [ Philadelphia Daily News ]

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