Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Philadelphia Inquirer Starts Multitasking, Food Columnists Now Doubling As Staff Photographers

philadelphia inquirer mastheadAfter a couple of weeks off, Rick Nichols returned this Sunday with a heartening piece about local craft breweries doing very well in the face of the recession.

Meanwhile, it is no secret that the Inquirer, itself, is doing less than well in the face of the recession. The paper is hurting for revenue and has not been able to retain all of its staff photographers this year.

One apparent solution coming out of PMH headquarters: ask your writers to also take pictures while they do their reporting.

For his brewery article, which appeared on the front page of this Sunday's Inquirer, Rick Nichols visited Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware and Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown. He documented his trip for an online gallery on Philly.com.

And despite Philly.com's best efforts (by pixelating the photos when publishing them, as they do to virtually all photos they publish online), Rick's photos look good and complement the story well.

However, note that Rick's photos didn't make the print edition. So it's not clear if this was a one-time thing or an actual cost-cutting measure that the Inquirer is trying out.

We kinda suspect the latter.

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