Friday, August 28, 2009

OH SNAP: Village Whiskey Jumps In On The Fried Chicken Action With Kentucky Fried Quail

God. Damn.

In our initial shock at the price of the Whiskey King Burger, we failed to even register this other gem sitting on the Village Whiskey menu.

Jose Garces will, in fact, be getting in on the fried chicken trend. Except he won't be doing fried chicken. Instead, he'll be doing Kentucky Fried Quail, with sweet potato, chanterelle and corn succotash, and roast chicken gravy.


Admittedly, overall, Village Whiskey's smallish menu looks unbelievably delicious (if just a bit expensive in certain areas).

Some higlights:

- Kentucky Fried Quail ($14)
- Lobster Roll ($26)
- Whiskey King Burger ($24)
- Village Burger ($9)
- Smoked Hot Link ($12)
- Cape May Salts ($2.50 each)
- Deviled Eggs ($3)
- Pickled Heirloom Beets ($8)
- Spicy Clam Strips ($7)
- Duck Fat French Fries with Sly Fox Cheddar Sauce ($6)

Opening Thursday, September 3rd.

Village Whiskey [ Official Site ]

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