Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bruni Closes With Review Of A Low Key East Village Bar, Helps Cement Fried Chicken's Current Trend Status

Frank Bruni filed his final review today as the chief restaurant critic for The New York Times.

He reviewed The Redhead, a small bar in Manhattan's East Village serving "semi-polished, Southern-inflected pub grub," giving it a positive one-star review.

In December 2008, Bruni called the fried chicken at the Redhead a runner-up for his list of the year’s best dishes. In today’s review, he opined further.
The fried chicken is never greasy, almost always tender and unfailingly accessorized by something perfect: biscuits or cornbread or, my favorite, an onion-goat cheese bread pudding that's like a dreamy amalgam of stuffing and quiche.
Now about getting some more upscale fried chicken in Philly. Meme and Resurrection Ale House are already on board. Other contenders: we feel like fried chicken could work well at Pub & Kitchen, Village Whiskey and POPE. And that's just for starters.

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[ Photo via The New York Times ]

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