Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What The WHAT!? Butcher & Singer Burger Is Now Only $5.95

butcher and singer burger by unbreaded
Breaking: You probably will want to eat one of these. Like, IMMEDIATELY. | Photo via Unbreaded

This just in from the Department of Holy Shit: Butcher & Singer is now serving its famous Butcher Burger (above, courtesy Unbreaded) for a completely ridiculous $5.95.

Not some mini BS version. The real thing.

From the Starr Restaurant Twitter:
Believe it or not, $5.95 will get you a 10 oz. burger with fries for lunch at Butcher and Singer! @StarrRestaurant

@chef215 all you have to do is show up at Butcher and Singer and order it Monday through Friday from 11:30AM – 2:30PM! @StarrRestaurant
Now, remember, this burger normally retails at $16. And it's worth every cent at that price. To put it into perspective, the cheeseburger at Parc is $15, and the Butcher & Singer burger is easily twice as good as the Parc burger.

But Parc does gangbusters business in the summer. And on our last visit to Butcher & Singer for lunch, there were like maybe four tables occupied in the whole restaurant.

So we're assuming that in order to give the kitchen a little pick-me-up at lunch during the dog days of summer, SRO went ahead and introduced this borderline preposterous deal.

OR is this a warning shot across the bow of PYT?

Whatever the case, we'll take it.

And so should you.

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Brandyn said...

Any idea how long this special will last?