Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update: Starr Not Messing Around With Butcher & Singer Burger Promotion

butcher and singer burger promotionEarlier, we surmised that the insane burger deal at Butcher & Singer that Stephen Starr just introduced was on account of the lunch service at Butcher & Singer needing a pick-me-up. As well as possibly a retort of sorts to all the Tommy Up smack-talking.

Now, after a spot-check at the restaurant and a day on the blogs, we're pretty sure that it's both.

A. Philly Mag just named the Butcher Burger at Burger & Singer the best gourmet burger in Philadelphia. And it's a fair designation. As we said earlier, this burger is worth every cent at $16. At $6, it's pretty much the best $6 you can spend in Philadelphia. (But that doesn't mean it was selling like crazy.)

B. Starr is serious about this promotion. It's not just on Twitter. He's designing creative (above). And they reprinted the lunch menus at the restaurant to reflect the new price. I.e. you don't have to know about it before you go and/or ask for it from your server.

C. A drop-in at lunch today proved that the promotion is definitely resulting in extra covers. The dining room was probably close to 60% full at 12:45 (as opposed to maybe 20% at a lunch not that long ago). And of those diners, we'd estimate a good 80% went for the burger.

D. The burger is still the real deal. It's still 10 oz. The meat blend is still rib eye, chuck and brisket. And it's still fucking delicious.

E. As to whether this could be an indirect response to Tommy Up? Most likely, somewhat. And in that way, it's a pretty brilliant tactical strike. When you can get the best gourmet burger in Philadelphia for $6 when it's normally $16, it's definitely going to shift the conversation away from the baiting of a would-be challenger that Starr evidently didn't want to address.

Why such a drastic price slash? Starr can obviously afford it. And maybe he doesn't take kindly to bullying.

As for the actual promotion itself, there is no time table set for when it will end except fine print saying that it's available for a "limited time only."

So with that in mind, you may want to get take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

What The WHAT!? Butcher & Singer Burger Is Now Only $5.95

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