Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Summer Eating: Tracking Down A Delicious New England Style Lobster Roll In Philadelphia

oyster house lobster roll in philadelphia
The $26 Lobster Roll at Oyster House | Photo via

Lobster Rolls are not exactly pervasive in Philadelphia. However, there a few good ones out there.

One of definite note: the lobster roll at the recently opened Oyster House.

Unbreaded recently stopped by and indulged in the sandwich, learning that the lobster is flown in daily and each roll has about one and a half lobsters packed into it. Which should make it worth the price of admission: a hefty $26.

(Wait, what happened to lobsters getting cheaper?)

Meanwhile, here are a few other places with lobster rolls worth trying this summer.

- London Grill ($13)
- Time ($16)
- Gayle ($20)

Know of another good one? Feel free to share.

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