Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stephen Starr's Square Burger Now Open In Franklin Square; Early Reviews Are Promising

square burger philly dog
Don't miss the Philly Dog or the Cake Shake | Photo via Unbreaded

Stephen Starr finally settled on a name for his Franklin Square Burger Shack. The name is Square Burger.

But you probably already knew that — there has already been plenty of coverage.

Long story short:

- Impressive burger. (Made from a proprietary 80/20 blend from Indian Ridge Provisions.)

- Impressive hot dog. (Hebrew National wrapped in salami.)

- And the Cake Shake, made with Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets.

Which also qualifies as impressive.

Burgers, Dogs and Fries For All: SquareBurger Opens In The Park [ Unbreaded ]

Starr's Franklin Square Burger Shack Slightly Delayed, Still Nameless


B Nuss said...

Long wait for a quick bite. OK, so it's not your usual fast food assembly line eatery, but come on... an hour from getting in line until getting your food seems a tad drawn out, especially since it's a pretty simple and limited menu - Burgers, Dogs, Fries, a Salad and Shakes - 15-20 people had ordered and were now milling around the pick-up window when my name was called 30 minutes after already waiting 30 minutes to order and I saw that there were only 3 burgers on the grill - 2 of them still frozen... Not a strong vote for efficient use of the 10 people behind the counter (another fine-tuning would help with calling orders - using only first name became a bit confusing as evidenced by the three Jims. two Johns and a handful of Bobs.) Probably would have more positive things to say (except for the fries that were WAY WAY too salty) if I had more than 5 minutes to eat what took an hour to get. Don't mind waiting, but this was way too long!

Anonymous said...

They should have named it Salt Burger! Although the first bite tasted great, and would have continued to if they didn't drop the burger in a bucket of salt before they put it on the grill. Inedible.