Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stephen Starr To Fix Mass Transit: DRPA Finally Willing To Re-open Franklin Square PATCO Station

franklin square philadelphiaIs the timing of this news a coincidence? Maybe. But probably not.

Over the past three plus years, Historic Philadelphia Inc. has done a pretty bang up job of giving new life to Franklin Square. But it wasn’t until Stephen Starr opened up a fucking burger shack that DRPA finally acquiesced to ongoing requests for it to re-open the Franklin Square PATCO stop. That’s clout.
The Delaware River Port Authority has taken the first step toward reopening a Patco station at Franklin Square at 6th and Race.

The Delaware River Port Authority commissioners have approved spending up to a $500,000 to hire a professional design consultant to begin the work needed to reopen the Franklin Square Patco station located at 6th and Race.

DRPA CEO and Patco president John Matheussen says a lot of work is needed to be done to the station which closed in 1979, including electricity, lighting, security, collection and handicapped accessibility.

"We'll be taking a careful look at all the work that needs to be done to make the station ready for the public, and hopefully, we'll have that done and have the station open and running maybe within the next two years."

A survey of Patco ridership indicated that most riders think reopening Franklin Square Station is a good idea.
No. Shit.

ETA: 2011.

DRPA Moving Toward Reopening Patco Stop at 6th & Race [ KYW 1060 ]

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