Monday, July 20, 2009

Stephen Starr Overhauling Cocktail Programs; Continental And Buddakan First To Go Under The Knife

continental in philadelphia fries and buzz aldrin
The Buzz Aldrin and the Shoestring Fries at The Continental — was the Buzz Aldrin to famous to retire? | Photo via

With all the attention that is now spent on developing original cocktail programs at restaurants and bars of distinction (exhibits A., B. and C.), is it any surprise that both Continental Midtown and Buddakan have recently introduced completely revamped cocktail menus?

We think not.

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LongDuckDong said...

Stephen Starr restaurants are on the verge of becoming the "Epcot" of the Philadelphia dining scene. His over-stylized fake theme restaurants serving mediocre food will soon lose ground to more authentic competition.

Gaetano said...

Long, I hope your prediction is correct. Meanwhile the potatoes in that photo are as greasy, bogus and played out as 'cocktail programs'.

The dumbing down of hospitality, management, cuisine and design by the SRO surpasses Disneys' achievements.

The Jonas brothers have more soul than Starr restaurants.

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