Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spotted: Giant Smoker At Crafts Services Of Nicholson/Rudd Movie Currently Shooting Near Rittenhouse

smoker at crafts services in philadelphiaThe movie starring Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd that’s currently shooting in Philadelphia set up shop yesterday and today near Rittenhouse Square.

There are a shit-ton of movie trucks and cranes along 21st around Spruce and Pine and on some of the alleys.

Crafts Services is set up at 20th and Rittenhouse Square (the street). And the giant smoker (right) is set up right in front of St. Patrick’s Church on 20th.

So the obvious question here is: is Jack Nicholson or Paul Rudd a huge barbecue fan? Are both? Maybe James L. Brooks?

And what meat is being grilled and/or smoked?

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carrel dweller said...

I'm guessing the smoker's for Nicholson ... Paul's a more low-key kinda guy.