Monday, July 06, 2009

Georges Perrier Blows A Gasket Over Philly Mag Ranking Le Bec Fin #46

Dan Gross relates a humerous anecdote from a charity event last week at the Hyatt Regency.
Guests at last week's Chef's Dinner to benefit the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society are still talking about chef Georges Perrier's profanity-laden rant directed toward Philadelphia magazine president David Lipson.

Perrier, at the Hyatt Regency Penn's Landing event cooking on behalf of Le Bec-Fin, approached Lipson to complain over Le Bec-Fin's ranking (46) in Philly mag's recent list of Top 50 restaurants. Observers said they feared Perrier would have a heart attack as he cursed and screamed at Lipson, who calmly heard the fiery Frenchman out

When we reached Lipson several days later he defended Perrier, saying "Georges is very passionate. He's done a lot for Philadelphia, he put us on the culinary map. It was just Georges being Georges," said Lipson, who went to Le Bec-Fin for lunch with father Herb, Philly mag chairman, the next day where he and Perrier resolved their differences.
Perrier is known to be super intense at times.

And right now he's basically putting everything he's got into making sure Le Bec Fin survives this recession intact.

So this outburst is not exactly shocking.

That said, Perrier should probably be happy that Le Bec Fin made the top 50 at all — a number of very good (and arguably more relevant) restaurants did not make the cut, including Buddakan, 10 Arts and Alma de Cuba.

The offending ranking/review:
46. Le Bec-Fin
Center City | French | Entrées: More than $30
Last Year’s Ranking: 26

As identity crises go, the one suffered by our beloved Le Bec has had foodies wringing linen napkins for years, because we so desperately want the place to succeed. Although it’s slipping, we’re not giving up: Georges Perrier’s signature dishes are still executed with such care and precision (and we like that we can now get them à la carte). If he could just resurrect his roast pigeon, nurture other once-­sublime classics (galette de crabe, escargots, Dover sole), and quell his proclivity for muttering “Merde” while stomping past tables—all the while preserving that ever-glorious, worth-the-trip-alone dessert cart—we’d fall in love all over again. Order: Champagne and anything from the dessert cart. 1523 Walnut Street, 215-567-1000.
Ha. Merde.

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