Monday, July 27, 2009

Drinkers Shut Down As Nuisance Bar, Avram Hornik's Grip On Rittenhouse Is Fading Fast

First to go was Bar Noir, which closed last year. It was sold and Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. has opened in its place.

Next up was Loie, which Hornik will be shutting down for good any minute now. It will be replaced by Zama, a Japanese restaurant by chef Hiroyuki Tanaka.

And now comes word that Drinkers Pub was shut down over the weekend by L&I as a Nuisance Bar. A violation order which is not easy to come back from.

With those three gone, that leaves Hornik with only Noche remaining out of his original four Rittenhouse holdings.

Maybe it will inspire Hornik to bring some new energy to his other projects.

Like the new pizza restaurant and bar he's doing in University City.

And maybe there's a chance to take another look at the Jumbo, and somehow circumnavigate the idiot neighbors this time.

Maybe not.

Anyway, regarding Drinkers, if it is unable to reopen after this shutdown, and with Pearl shuttered too, CRAP may no longer be a suitable acronym for the area.


And you thought your Monday morning was bad … Cease of Operations for Drinkers [ Foobooz ]

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