Thursday, July 30, 2009

Del Frisco's Stays With The "Sex Sells" Theme, May Have Graduated From Strippers To Escorts

del frisco's philadelphia marketingYowsers.

The original stripper/brass pole idea was kind of genius. (Refresher: Del Frisco's may or may not have solicited off-duty strippers, presumably, to make their bar area more appealing to, um, customers. After a Laban review, the GM said he was going to add a brass pole.)

And, apparently, Del Frisco's has decided to stick with the provocative angle, at least when it comes to their marketing.

The tagline (get it — "Get Friscy") may be a little cheesey but the ad is definitely fairly suggestive.

Meanwhile, what happened to her other shoe?

(For fun, feel free to write your own caption for the ad in the comments below.)

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HughE Dillon said...

I was hoping they would add the stripper pole, but it is just a brass plaque on the floor, Shang told me.

Anonymous said...

"Come to Del Frisco's and cheat on your wife!"

danya said...

Blonde: "No, I want to wait for the other six guys to show up first. I mean, we did order an onion ring for each of you to wear..."

Anonymous said...

"you have to eat this first..."

Anonymous said...

The blonde girl should say to the dude on the right, "She's just the appetizer..."

Anonymous said...

I was wondering which self-respecting contractor was going to install Shang's stripper pole. Oh wait....I think contractors actually want to get paid for the work that they do.