Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Beer Cocktails Officially A Trend, London Grill's Get A Mention In The New York Times

From today's New York Times Food Section:
"BEER" and "cocktails" are usually separated by a comma. But now bartenders are experimenting with crossover drinks that marry beers with spirits, mixers, even wines, going far beyond the shot-and-a-pint boilermaker.

In New York, at PDT and Mayahuel, they’re mixing hot sauce, mezcal and beer to create smoky riffs on the michelada, a classic Mexican cerveza preparada, or prepared beer.

Bartenders at the Alembic in San Francisco top coffee liqueur and fizzy Italian red wine with porter foam to make a Vice Grip.

The beergarita — a margarita amplified by Flemish sour ale and framboise — is popular at the Small Bar on Division Street in Chicago. “Beer cocktails are an alternative to a pint,” said Ty Fujimura, co-owner with Phil McFarland.

In May, on the Session, a monthly virtual workshop on beer, nearly 40 bloggers contributed recipes for craft-beer-based drinks with names like Freak-out in a Moonshine Day Dream.

"If I'm going to have an amazing craft beer, why not also have it in an excellent beer cocktail?" asked the host of the May Session, Joe Ruvel of “Other countries, like France and Belgium, have been doing this for a long time, and doing it pretty well.”

Indeed, the inspiration for the beer drinks that Terry Berch McNally serves at the London Grill in Philadelphia was Rudi Ghequire, brewer of Rodenbach beer in Belgium, who "suggested we add things like grenadine and cassis to his beer," she said. "You sell more beer this way, and you make more money."
How entrepreneurial.

For those keeping score of London Grill at home — that's introduced on Monday and in the New York Times on Wednesday.

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