Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Urban Dispatch: High Line Opens To RAVE Reviews In New York; Reading Viaduct Still Sits In Abandoned Decay In Philadelphia

the high line in new york city
The newly opened High Line in Manhattan, with the new Standard Hotel in the background | Photo via NY Times

Phase one of the High Line opened this week and, unsurprisingly, pretty much everyone loves it. (People seem to immediately embrace new urban parks — go figure.)

And can you blame them?

the high line in new york city
The Times calls it "one of the most thoughtful, sensitively designed public spaces built in New York in years." | Photo via NY Times

the high line in new york city
And "But as mesmerizing as the design is, it is the height of the High Line that makes it so magical" | Photo via NY Times

Not really much to add here other than that the Reading Viaduct in Philadelphia easily has a lot of the same potential of the High Line.

Plentiful park space and park access is crucial to the city's future economic prosperity.

Probably a great area in which to invest.

Right Greenworks Philadelphia?

Oh, and we almost forgot — a beer garden will be opening shortly on the High Line (or underneath it, rather) as part of the Standard Hotel's restaurants. Because an amazing park just wasn't enough.

standard hotel high line restaurant and beer garden
The Beer Garden will be tucked underneath the High Line | Photo via NY Times

the high line in new york city
A section of the High Line from above | Photo via NY Times

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Mayor Nutter To Unveil Greenworks Philadelphia, 150-Initiative Plan To Make Philadelphia The Greenest City In U.S.

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Sarah McEneaney said...

Yes, the opening of the first part of The High Line is great news.I can't wait to visit when I'm in NY next week.

The Reading Viaduct Project,, remains firmly committed to the presevation and reuse of the Reading Viaduct as public, open, green space. We'll get there. It was a long road for NY too.

Sarah McEneaney
Co-founder Reading Viaduct Project