Monday, June 22, 2009

Trend Watch: City Restaurants With Food-Growing Gardens On Site

noble american cookery skylights
The second floor skylights at Noble give you a glimpse of the restaurant's rooftop garden

Hyper local cuisine has come to Philadelphia.

In the form of restaurants with small kitchen gardens in which they grow produce that they actually use on their menus.

The first we heard about (in Center City) was Osteria. Rick Nichols recently profiled the small garden they added in their side alley.

And now comes word of Noble's rooftop garden.
From Garden To Table, A Trip of Mere Inches

Philadelphia has lots of BYOBs, and now RTHTOGs are cropping up.

If you've never heard of that term, it's because I made it up to describe a new trend: Restaurants That Have Their Own Gardens.

(Pouget:) "The garnishing will be on the roof this morning and will be on the plate that night."

That's Bruno Pouget, one of the partners in the new restaurant Noble, at 2025 Sansom Street. Its garden is on the roof.

"Large planters, they're about 12 feet by two feet wide, and the chef uses that to plant tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, spice, herbs."
Roof gardens are cool.

Obviously, this is a completely welcome trend.

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