Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stephen Starr Is Not Alone In Having Trouble Finding A Name For His New Pizza Restaurant

franny's clam pizza in brooklyn
The Clam Pizza at Franny's in Brooklyn, recently enjoyed by Starr's crack research team | Photo via NY Mag

Starr has already bounced around a number of name ideas, including “Pizza Select”, which was inspired by a restaurant he saw in Paris named “Le Select.” But nothing so far has stuck.

It turns out that New York City uber-restaurateur Keith McNally is having similar troubles. Also related to naming a pizza restaurant project that he is working on up there.

From a Restaurant Girl interview of McNally:
Q. What inspires you to keep creating new restaurants and new concepts? Rumor had it Morandi was to be your last restaurant and then came Minetta Tavern. Is that your tour d’force or do you still have a few more restaurants you’d like to create?

A. Despite the fact that 80% of the process is painful and torturous, ultimately there's something rather rewarding about putting a restaurant together. The look, the staff, the food, the organization. All in all, I really enjoy it. Besides, I'm not sure I could do anything else. I'm currently building what I hope is my last restaurant. It's a pizzeria on the corner of Houston and the Bowery. It's already over budget and behind schedule and I'm at the stage where I'm pulling out my hair and wishing I weren't doing it.

Q. Have you decided on a name for your pizza parlor yet? Throwing any names around?

A. I don't have a name yet for the pizzeria. The problem is the best names are taken. And every year there are fewer and fewer names to choose from.
Case in point: an excerpt from Starr’s recent pizza jaunt to NYC.
By 6:44 p.m., the new venture still didn't have a name. A minute later, Starr spotted a word on a sign at stop Numero Two, the pretentious Una Pizza Napoletana: "That's it," he declared: "That should be the name. Pulcinella!"
7:45: Lucas checks his BlackBerry and finds a pizza place in Fort Collins, Colo., named . . . Pulcinella.
Name idea… and it's taken.

Well, maybe the two super-restaurateurs can commiserate together.

Or something.

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