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Stephen Starr Adds Foie Gras Back To The $100 Kobe Cheesesteak... For The Steak 954 Version In South Florida

$100 kobe cheesesteak
The Famous $100 Kobe Cheesesteak | Photo via

A foie gras flip flop?

Back in 2006, Stephen Starr removed foie gras from not only the famed $100 Cheesesteak at Barclay Prime but he also completely removed foie gras from all of the menus of his other Philadelphia restaurants. (Note he did not remove foie gras from the menu of Morimoto NYC.)

But now, foie gras is back in the $100 Kobe Cheesesteak at Starr's newest restaurant, Steak 954, which opened in late April at the brand new W Ft. Lauderdale. (It's a Barclay Prime off-shoot i.e. a modern boutique steakhouse.)

In the $100 Kobe Cheesesteak at Steak 954, foie gras has been substituted for the lobster that is currently in the $100 Kobe Cheesesteak at Barclay Prime. Lobster version depicted above. (In 2006 at Barclay Prime, lobster was substituted for foie gras, which was in the original sandwich, which debuted in 2004. Keeping up?)

You could make the argument that this decesion shows why Stephen Starr a very effective and responsive restaurateur, catering to the demands of each market he enters rather than delivering a cookie cutter approach everywhere he goes. You could also make the argument that this decision is hypocritical.

Either way, it would appear to imply that Stephen Starr respects the opinions of his customers but does not have a strong stance on either side of the foie gras debate.

Point of information: there's also a Big Eye Tuna and Foie Gras Tacos appetizer on the menu at Steak 954.

With regard to that, activists can take solace in that at least they're not using Bluefin.

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