Monday, June 22, 2009

Philadelphia's Barbecue Moment

Adam Erace reviewed Bebe's Barbecue in last week's Philadelphia Weekly, noting the recent crop of BBQ joints that have opened in Philadelphia this year.
In the city, barbecue’s having a bit of a moment. This news comes courtesy of the Department of Obvious Statements, since lately you can’t swing a side of beef without hitting a new smokehouse. Halfway through 2009, barbecue is quietly emerging as the Most Likely to Succeed restaurant concept, eroding the reign of the gastropub one baby back at a time.

Just look at the past six months, which have seen the premieres of El Camino Real, Holy Smoke and Smokin’ Betty’s. After 26 years in business, Old City stalwart Philadelphia Fish & Co. reconceptualized into Q BBQ & Tequila. In October, Steve Cook and Michael Solomonov will reintroduce Marigold Kitchen chef (and former Virginian) Erin O’Shea as the pit mistress at their new Percy Street Barbecue. 

Fair enough. But is this "moment" actually producing really good barbecue?

Regardless, it should only get better.

The hype around Percy Street Barbecue is going to continue to grow before its October opening. That place is going to have some expectations to meet.

Bebe’s BBQ
 - Bringing Southern style to Philly’s food scene [ Philadelphia Weekly ]

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