Friday, June 26, 2009

A Look Inside The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

franklin mortgage and investment co. in philadelphia
The Franklin, now open on 18th Street | Photo via Philly2Philly

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. opened to the public this week.

We've included a few shots of the bar's interior via Philly2Philly.

Meanwhile, Over at KYW 1060, Hadas Kuznits sits down with head consulting bartender Alex Day (he of Death & Co. in Manhattan) and managing partner Michael Welsh. The 14-minute interview is available as a podcast here.

Also, Grub Street has an interview with Alex Day from last year.

After reading the interview and listening to the podcast, you should get a sense of how knowledgeable/serious Day is about what he does.

franklin mortgage and investment co
The bar is in the back | Photo via Philly2Philly

Phoodie has shots of the bar's drink menu.

There is no vodka used in the cocktails.

Instead, a lot of rye whiskey and gin.

Which we are 100% OK with.

franklin mortgage and investment co
Not strikingly dissimilar from Death & Co. | Photo via Philly2Philly

And then there's the ice the bar uses.
There are a selection of three different ices that the bartenders utilize at the Franklin.

1. Kold Draft Machine- fills the tray and freezes the ice from the bottom up. This eliminates all of the impurities and air bubbles. It's crystal clear and it melts slower. When you get your cocktail, it will not taste like a watered down cocktail because the ice is chilled, and it's not melting into your drink.

2. Crushed Ice- Used for the swizzle drinks. The apparatus used to swizzle the ice actually stems from a plant.

3. Culinary Grade Block Ice- A 300-pound block of ice is delivered and is hand chiseled. Trust me, you could definately [sic] taste the difference in my Old Fashioned.
We were wondering when artisan ice cubes were going to make an appearance in Philadelphia.

Evidently, now.

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